Sunday, February 7, 2010

ZZ Top - El Loco 1981

ZZ Top - El Loco 1981
BSK 3593


ZZ Top ease into the eighties with the feet up, shades down, and spliff in hand sounds of El Loco, wide open spaces and wide toothed grins all over effortlessly grooving, subtly silly tracks like "Tube Snake Boogie," the funky mush-mouthed "Ten Foot Pole," and porno-punster, "Pearl Necklace." Other velvet upholstered rockers like the minimalist pulse of "I Wanna Drive You Home," and "Party on the Patio" sit comfortably next to oddities in the soft rock slow dances "It's So Hard" and "Leila" (yeah, I like this one) and electro weirdo "Groovy Little Hippie Dad." El Loco is kinda like coming into an ice cold air-conditioned room after spending all afternoon baking in the Texas sun, it's cool, clean vibe both refreshing and antiseptically artificial.
Frank Beard- Drums 
Dusty Hill- Vocals, Bass 
Billy Gibbons- Vocals, Guitar
A1. Tube Snake Boogie   3:02
A2. I Wanna Drive You Home   4:44
A3. Ten Foot Pole   4:19
A4. Leila   3:13
A5. Don't Tease Me   4:19
B1. It's So Hard   5:12
B2. Pearl Necklace   4:01
B3. Groovy Little Hippie Pad  2:40
B4. Heaven, Hell or Houston  2:31
B5. Party on the Patio   2:48