Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tony Joe WHITE - Homemade Ice Cream 1973

Tony Joe WHITE - Homemade Ice Cream 1973
WB 46229


Some records and artists have got o be brought into the light a little bit more, and we music diggers are her for that I guess.
A long time favorite of mine, Homemade Ice Cream is IMO a underrated key recording in singer-songwriter music from the '70s.
This record features one of the most beautiful and moving breaking up songs with "For Ol' Time Sake", in which you can feel the pain and the need of the one that's just been left behind ("If you don't have nothing else to say, let me hold you once again for ol'time sakes), and the killer instrumental title track.
"Homemade Ice Cream" (the track) is typical of the whole album : the production is stripped to the essential, but every single note is played with feeling, style, and just the right laid back, down home sound. Listening to this record, you just tell yourself why bother with complex production tricks when one can deliver such a feeling with such an economy of means... I mean compared to this guy even J. J. Cale sounds like an epileptic !!!
So it if were just for these two songs, the album is worth the listen. But there are other gems like the great "Lazy", a slow and easy blues about slow joys. In addition to making great and expressive music, Tony Joe can write good-natured lyrics like "babe you know i could go for some good ol' lovin', but  you will have to come cause you knows I'm so weak, today I just can't get on my feet". Or "California on my mind", the ecology song "Mother Earth"
Norbert Putnam- Bass
Kenny Malone- Drums
Reggie Young- Guitar
David Briggs- Piano, Organ
Tony Joe White- Guitar,Vocals
A1. Saturday Night In Oak Grove Louisiana 2:12
A2. For Ol' Time Sake 3:45
A3. I Want Love ('Tween You & Me) 2:40
A4. Homemade Ice Cream 3:10
A5. Ol'Mother Earth 3:06
A6. Lazy 3:38
B1. California On My Mind 3:41
B2. Backwoods Preacher Man 2:45
B3. Takin' The Midnight Train 4:01
B4. No News Is Good News 3:01
B5. Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You 4:14

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