Saturday, February 13, 2010

Renée GEYER - Moving Along 1977

Renée GEYER - Moving Along 1977
PD 1 6101
Recorded at Crystal Studios, Hollywood 1977


This was the album that was to break Renee Geyer onto the American market. She had a lot of early radio airplay with most people thinking she was black. It was thought that interest fell after she was seen as a white artist! Renee Geyer has had a very long career to this day, and it is worth your while to check out her many other recordings.
Best disco/funk tracks are Quicker Than the Eye, Tender Hooks and Moving Along. Heading In the Right Direction and Stares And Whispers were big hits in Australia.
Moving Along is the 5th solo album by Australian Soul/R&B singer Renée Geyer, and her first to be recorded in the US and released internationally. It was produced by famed Motown identity Frank Wilson who assembled the cream of US session players to back Geyer. Some notables were members of Stevie Wonder's band including Nathan Watts, Ray Parker Jr., Motown's most famous bassist and Funk Brother James Jamerson, on backing vocals, Venetta Fields, and Mal and Barry from The Renée Geyer Band at Geyer's insistence.
Nathan Watts- Bass,
Ernie Watts- Sax,
Ray Parker Jr- Guitar
Reginald Burke- Piano
Stephen Beckmeier- Guitar
Harry Booker- Keyboard
Jerry Peters- Keyboard
Gregg Poree- Guitar
Ratmond Pounds- Drums
Jack Ashford- Percussionist
A1. Heading in the Right Direction 3:00
A2. Be There in the Morning 4:27
A3. Quicker Than the Eye 4:09
A4. Tender Hooks 4:39
B1. Stares and Whispers 3:29
B2. Just to Make Love to You 4:44
B3. Touch 4:52
B4. Moving Along 6:11

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