Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Symphony Hall, Boston, Mass. 1972-01-26

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Symphony Hall, Boston, Mass. 1972-01-26
Credits to *dexondaz*


I've ever heard this show sound, but it also has some static. The fidelity is quite good for a Jan. 72 FM recording, with great seperation of left and right,but WBCN was hardly the megawatt giant it has been since circa early 80's.
The third source (unknown) only provides a few seconds of this recording, filling in just a few seconds of talk after Dawn when John mentions he broke a string and we'll be right back, at which point they cut away to a commercial, and cut back in after John mentions Jan Hammer, just as he says he's from Czeckoslovakia.
I have cut out all the commercials, and left all the music and talk in here.
The 3rd source is not as good as the other two, fortunately it's just barely long enough to notice it, and there strictly to maintain the continuity of the recording.
By *dexondaz*
John Mclaughlin- Guitar
Jan Hammer- Keyboards
Jerry Goodman- Violin
Rick Laird- Bass
Billy Cobham- Drums
01. Tuning 1:24
02. Meeting of the spirits  10:51
03. You know, you know 8:57
04. Radio announcer :09
05. Band introductions :19
06. The dance of Maya 10:34
07. Radio announcer :09
08. Dawn 15:21
09. Binkie's beam 3:53
10. The noonward race 11:45

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