Monday, February 1, 2010

John PRIMER & The Real Deal Blues Band - It's A Blues Life 2000

John PRIMER & The Real Deal Blues Band - It's A Blues Life 2000


Primer deserved his own share of the spotlight. In 1993, Michael Frank's Chicago-based Earwig logo issued Primer's debut domestic disc, Stuff You Got to Watch. It was a glorious return to the classic '50s Chicago sound, powered by Primer's uncommonly concise guitar work and gruff, no-nonsense vocals. With the 1995 emergence of The Real Deal -- produced by Vernon and featuring all-star backing by harpist Billy Branch, pianist David Maxwell, and bassist Johnny B. Gayden, Primer's star appeared ready to ascend. He soon transferred back to the Wolf label for sets such as 1997's Cold Blooded Blues Man, 1998's Blues Behind Closed Doors,
and 2000's It's a Blues Life.
By Bill Dahl, All Music Guide.
John Primer- Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Bert Robinson- Drums
Steve Bell- Harmonica
Tom Holland- Guitar
Ken Barker- Bass Guitar,Piano 
Nick Holt- Bass Guitar

01. I've Been Abused
02. Maggie
03. Last Night
04. Mama Talk to Your Daughter
05. Party Girl
06. Empty Arms
07. Lonesome For Your Love
08. Sweet as a Georgia Peach
09. Every Time You Leave Me
10. Can't You See What You're Doin' to Me
11. Give Me Back My Wig
12. Rock Me

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