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J.B. LENOIR - Alabama Blues! 1965 (Flac)

J.B. LENOIR - Alabama Blues! 1965 (Flac)
CBS 62593
Recorded 5th May 1965 under supervision of Willie Dixon


Alabama Blues was done in Chicago under Willie Dixon's supervision, Lenoir now free to elaborate on whatever troubled his mind "Alabama March," "Vietnam Blues.
Little did Lenoir know his time was quickly running out. By the time of his 1967 death, the guitarist had moved to downstate Champaign -- and that's where he died, probably as a delayed result of an auto accident he was involved in three weeks prior to his actual death.
By Bill Dahl, All Music Guide.
J. B. Lenoir (Vocal, Guitar)
Willie Dixon (Vocal, Bass) on A6
Freddie Below (Drums) on A2,4,6 and B2,6

A1. Alabama Blues 3:10
A2. The Mojo Boogie 2:13
A3. God's Word 3:36
A4. The Whale Has Swallowed Me 2:21
A5. Move This Rope 3:30
A6. I Feel So Good 1:50
B1. Alabama March 2:50
B2. Talk to Your Daughter 2:42
B3. Mississippi Road 2:55
B4. Good Advice 2:41
B5. Vietnam 2:37
B6. I Want to Go 1:37
1 2 3 4

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