Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Foghat - Live 1977

Foghat - Live 1977
BRK 6971


The veteran blues, boogie 'n' rockin' touring machine known as Foghat shook arena walls throughout the seventies with their no frills approach. With Rod "The Bottle" Price and "Lonesome" Dave Peverett leading the way, the boys always gave 100% from the stage. Foghat is captured live from 1974 and 1976 on the compilation archive issue of The King Biscuit Flower Hour. With the likes of timeless seventies summertime rockers, "Slow Ride", "Fool for the City", "My Babe", "Drivin' Wheel", "Honey Hush", and "I Just Want to Make Love to You" tossed into the mix, Foghat turn up the heat during this powerhouse performance, while laying it down with a good time vibe. In addition to the smokin' live cuts, the compact disc closes with a bonus nine-minute interview with the band members.
FOGHAT LIVE is perhaps one of the best live albums of its day. Powerful, super-charged rock with a Stadium fel to it. Recorded at the War Memorial in Rochester, this album portrays Foghat in their heyday; at their height. Six wonderful blues rock songs with some of the very best slide guitar ever recorded from Rod Price. Lonesome Dave's vocals are on the merk this night, not to mention the incredible rythym section of Roger Earl and Craig McGregor. Any rock fan should get this album. There's no question as to why this went double platinum upon its release. The only problem is that it's only six songs, about 43 minutes worth. This really should have been a double album, and I want to believe that there were more songs recorded on this tour that would make up a wonderful re-release on the complete concert. Wouldn't that be special. The production is awesome, the performance flawless. GET THIS ALBUM!!!
By Michael Laimo.
A1. Fool for the City   5:28
A2. Home in My Hand   4:56
A3. I Just Want to Make Love to You   8:46
B1. Road Fever   5:29
B2. Honey Hush   5:38
B3. Slow Ride   8:20

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