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Charles MINGUS - Nostalgia In Times Square / The Immortal 1959 Sessions (Flac)

Charles MINGUS - Nostalgia In Times Square / The Immortal 1959 Sessions (Flac)
1979 Issue. CBS 88337


Nostalgia in Times Square holds special attention because, in a sense, it's all new. Side one contains four previously unreleased pieces (the twisting "GG Train" and the satirical "Girl of My Dreams" are best), while the remainder of the album presents unedited versions of ten compositions that were shortened for inclusion on Mingus, Ah Um and Mingus Dynasty. Since the most famous songs ("Better Git Hit in Your Soul," "Goodbye, Porkpie Hat," "Fables of Faubus") from the 1959 sessions are omitted, Nostalgia in Times Square will hardly replace the earlier LPs. Still, it's nice to hear how strong some of the rest of the music was as originally realized. It's also interesting to ponder the whole question of editing. "Open Letter to Duke," "Boogie Stop Shuffle" and "Jelly Roll" may have been tightened up to bring about the transitions and climaxes more rapidly, but none were edited into posterity. On the other hand, we only have Passions of a Man's "Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting" in an edited state, but it's so great that way, who cares?
These are recordings from the same Columbia sessions that brought us "Mingus Dynasty" and "Ah Um" in 1959. The first four tracks are unreleased tunes that did not appear on either of those records. The remaining tunes are longer, unedited versions of the original tunes. On some of them you can hear false starts, and banter with the recording engineers. This double LP was released in 1979, the same year Mingus died.
Charles Mingus- Bass
Maurice Brown- Cello (tracks: C2) , Seymour Barab (tracks: C2)
Dannie Richmond- Drums
Jerome Richardson- Flute (tracks: B4,)
Horace Parlan- Piano
Nico Bunick- Piano (tracks: B4)
Roland Hanna- Piano (tracks: C2, C3, D2, D3)
Teddy Charles- Vibraphone  (tracks: B4, D2, D3)
John Handy , Shafi Hadi- Alto Sax
Jerome Richardson- Bariton Sax (tracks: A4, B4, D2, D3)
Benny Golson- Tenor Sax (tracks: A4, D2) , Booker Ervin
Jimmy Knepper , Willie Dennis- Trombone
Richard Williams- Trumpet (tracks: B4, D2, D3)
A1. Pedal Point Blues   6:28
A2. GG Train   4:37
A3. Girl of My Dreams   4:08
A4. Strollin'   4:33
B1. Jelly Roll   6:15
B2. Boogie Stop Shuffle   4:59
B3. Open Letter to Duke   5:49
B4. Never Now Know How   4:12
C1. Birdcalls   6:18
C2. Slop   6:12
C3. Things Ain't What They Used To Be   7:35
D1. Pussy Cat Dues   9:13
D2. Song With Orange   6:37
D3. Gunslinging Bird   5:03
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