Friday, February 12, 2010

Blue MITCHELL - Many Shades Of Blue 1974

Blue MITCHELL - Many Shades Of Blue 1974
MRL 402


Sweet electric 70s funk from Blue Mitchell -- blowing here in some of the hippest arrangements of his career! Blue's trumpet alone is always pretty darn great, but for this album he's working with arranger Dave Matthews -- who gives the tunes fierce groove that mixes vamping guitars with snapping drums -- sort of picking up the groove that Matthews forged with James Brown, but allowing for a lot freer jazz interplay! The guitars are often recorded in a cool way that has them sounding a bit "watery" alongside the rhythms -- so much so, you'd swear they were keyboards at times -- and this approach sounds really great underneath Blue's tighter, harder, more punctuated solos over the top of the tracks. Additional support comes from horn players Joe Farrell and Seldon Powell and titles include "Funk Walk", "Blue Funk", "Funny Bone", "Golden Feathered Bird", "Harmony Of The Underworld", and "Hot Stuff".
From Dusty Groove.
Bass [Fender]- Michael Moore (2) , Wilbur Bascomb
Drums- James Madison (2)
Guitar- Joe Beck , John Tropea , Sam Brown (2)
Saxophone [Tenor]- Frank Vicari
Saxophone [Tenor], Flute- Joe Farrell
Saxophone [Tenor], Saxophone [Baritone]- Seldon Powell
Trumpet- Blue Mitchell , Jim Bossy , Jon Faddis , Markie Markowitz
A1. Where It's At 3:30
A2. Harmony Of The Underground 5:50
A3. Funky Walk 4:36
A4. Blue Funk 4:37
B1. Golden Feathered Bird 4:04
B2. Beans & Taters 4:25
B3. Funny Bone 3:37
B4. Hot Stuff 3:55

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