Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beck, Bogert, & Appice - Live 1973

Beck, Bogert, & Appice - Live 1973


This is an absolutely fantastic live double album, which until recently I didn't even know existed.If you like Jeff Beck or great guitar playing in general, you should have this,although I don't think it's easy to find.
Anytime you listen to Jeff Beck, during this particular era, he always does some mind blowing things on his guitar. ""Going Down" and "Morning Dew" are stand out songs that Beck and Carmine Apppice and Timmy Bogart always amp up to the max during the live performances. "Black Cat Moan" is a typical 70's blues rock tune and "Lady" and "Livin' Alone" are songs that any, and I mean any, glam/hair metal bands from that horrid 80's era would have loved to have written for themselves ("Cherry Pie" from Warrant anyone?... I know, makes you want to vomit to high hell), but here they're just some decent album filler.
A1. Superstition   5:12
A2. Lose Myself Without You   10:35
A3. Jeff's Boogie   3:25
B1. Going Down   3:25
B2. Boogie   4:53
B3. Morning Dew   13:52

C1. Sweet Sweet Surrender   4:30
C2. Livin' Alone   6:10
C3. I'm so Proud   5:42
C4. Lady   6:07
D1. Black Cat Moan   9:18
D2. Why Should I Care   7:18
D3. Plynth/Shotgun [Medley]   5:40


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