Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Xavier CUGAT and His Orchestra - Mambo! 1950-1952

Xavier CUGAT and His Orchestra - Mambo! 1950-1952
Featuring Abbe Lane


This Spanish violinist and band leader was born in Spain and raised in Havana. He emigrated to the U.S. and worked as a cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times. In 1928 he began appearing with his first band at the Cocoanut Grove in Hollywood. Greatly helping to popularize Latin rhythms in the U.S., by the 30s and 40s he became known as America's "rumba king." Occasionally he appeared in films, often as himself leading his band through several musical numbers; sometimes played genial fictional characters. He gave up his career after suffering a stroke in 1971. His third wife was singer Abbe Lane and his fourth was singer and TV personality Charo.

01. Maracaibo
02. Anything can happen-mambo
03. Cerezo Rosa y Manzano Blanco
04. Mambo O.K
05. Park Avenue Mambo
06. Jamay
07. Mambo gallego
08. El Marijuano
09. Mambo nº5
10. Strangers in the dark
11. Mambo ay ay ay
12. Mondongo
13. Mambo gitano
14. Mambolette
15. Carnival in Uruguay
16. Que rico el mambo
17. Uuuh!
18. Mambo at the Waldorf

CD 2

01. Riviera Mambo
02. Humpty Dumpty
03. Yo Quiero Un Mambo
04. Mambo Gordo
05. Society Mambo
06. The Peanut Vendor
07. Mambo Mania
08. El Americano
09. Cuca
10. Mambo No. 8
11. Donde Estabas Tu
12. Mambo Retozon
13. Flute Nightmare
14. Mambo Negro
15. Mi Prieta
16. Africano Soy
17. Sun Sun Babe
18. Mambo En España


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