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Mary Lou WILLIAMS - I Made You Love Paris 1954

Mary Lou WILLIAMS - I Made You Love Paris 1954
2001 Issue.


Mary Lou Williams is easily the most honoured and well-known female instrumentalist in jazz so far. Her career started in earnest with Andy Kirk's Band for whom she was not only pianist, but also staff arranger. Many people believe that it is because of her arrangements that the music of the Kirk Band is still heard today.
She was very influential with a lot of younger jazz performers who she constantly helped and encouraged. Her latter days were spent teaching at Duke University in North Carolina, she died in 1981 at the age of 71.Her most famous composition was her Zodiac Suite, which was performed by the Dizzy Gillespie Big band at the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival.
This particular CD has her playing I many different settings from solo piano to quintet. On two of the tracks British singer Beryl Bryden is heard, this was something of a surprise as she has mostly worked with more traditional organisations, however everything works out fine. In all the different groups the talent of Mary Lou shines through and she certainly was a top class performer, I particularly liked the trio version of Memories of You, the up-tempo Lover and the solo piano on Small Hotel. On every tack however she exudes professionalism.
It is nice to have something from Mary Lou Williams in the library, she was a woman who lived for her music and her chosen music was jazz. She made a major contribution to its enhancement both as a performer and arranger.
By Don Mather.
Mary Lou Willams- Piano
Beryl Bryden- Vocals 3&8
Nelson Williams- Trumpet 2,5,10&11
Ray Lawrence- Tenor2,5,10&11
Buddy banks- Bass
Kansas Fields, Jaques David- Drums
01. Avalon 2:37
02. Scratchin' in the Gravel 3:36
03. Rock Me 3:11
04. I Made You Love Paris 2:34
05. Nancy Is In Love With The colonel 3:12
06. Swingin' For the Guys 2:30
07. Club Francais Blues 3:25
08. Freight Train Blues 3:13
09. Memories Of You 3:11
10. Leg'n Lou 2:58
11. Mary Lou Blues 2:52
12. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 2:17
13. There's A Small Hotel 3:11
14. En Ce Temps-La 3:21
15. Lover 3:04
16. Carioca 2:40
17. Nicole 3:31
18. Tire Tire L'Aiguille 2:34
19. Autumn In New York 2:31


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