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Cub KODA - Cub Koda & the Points 1980

Cub KODA - Cub Koda & the Points 1980
Baron LP-103


Although outta print, this one is definitely worth hunting down or borrowing. This was what Cub used to call "Brownsville done the way i always wanted to do it" These guys were absolutely devestating in concert and the studio cd gives a glimpse of that power. Cadillac Walk and Pound it out are among the best Cub ever recorded in my opinion, and guitarist Joey Gaydos and Cub compliment each other nicely. This is a rocker you can't go wrong with!
No matter what Cub Koda did, he did it with class, style, and energy. His stuff with The Points was no exception. This first release came out on Baron Records in 1980 on pink vinyl. Just another one of the goofy examples of Koda's humor. I think it also came with a 7" EP. Eh, maybe not. Can't remember and I've slept since then.

Of the 11 songs listed, there's one slow cut - Crazy People - and it's excellent. "Mark my words - she'll break your heart. She's done it so many times before. She'll treat you kind till she changes her mind. And you'll be back out on the road."
The other 10 are rock and roll, blues, boogie woogie. Sometimes you can't really tell. When 'The CubMaster' got going, I think sometimes he couldn't tell for sure. The rest of his band wasn't too bad either. Petey Bankert and Guitar Joey Gaydos (I can't remember the spelling for sure, and I'm doing this from memory, so please forgive me if I'm misspelling something) were terribly complementary for Kodas virtuoso guitar antics.
The music ain't the only really great aspect of the album. The lyrics are cool, too. Is "Welcome To My Job" autobiographical? Only his hairdresser knows for sure. "Getting Wild Tonight" is mucho fun.
"Well if it makes ya crazy. Honey that's alright. But if it makes ya lazy. Check yer motor, honey. Somethin' ain't right."
"Tight Jeans" (hot love, good boogie, and a V-8 Ford), "Cadillac Jack," "Cadillac Walk are blues and boogie tunes.
"Pound It Out" has a cool story with it. Cub Koda and the Points were playing somewhere - I think it was in Texas - and they opened with "Pound It Out." The crowd didn't do diddly - decidedly non-reactive despite Koda urging them on. So what'd they do? They did what any red-blooded American rock and roll band would do. They played "Pound It Out" again. Still no reaction. So Cub and The Points played "Pound It Out" a THIRD time.
Finally, the crowd got the message that this was apparently an entertainer to be reckoned with and started paying attention. I believe there were a few encores involved in the show, but it shows the determination of a musician that believed strongly in what he did.
So that leaves "Ducktail," which is just a boogying ode to his haircut. "Well if ya mess with my ducktail, gonna get so mad at you."
And "The Ballad Of Guitar Johnny," who was a roadie who developed a serious love for chemistry that took him from being the best roadie in the world to being a dead roadie because he didn't pay the wrong people for too long.
"Johnny got home late one night from a 45 day road trip.
There were 2 guys inside waiting for Johnny with 'overdue' on their lips.
Johnny's palms got sweaty, but before he could explain.
There he was lying on the floor with a bullet in his brain."
Last lyric quote - I promise. Well, there's only one song left - "Sneakers On A Rooster."
"The clothes I bought for you, I bought just what you wanted.
But the clothes you bought for me, they feel like they're haunted.
Girl I hope your love
Will change in the future 'cause lovin' you is like puttin sneakers on a rooster."
It is a very good album start to finish! It's terribly hard to find, that's why it's so expensive here. Don't know why he's got it at $50, but to each his own! I DO know that I finally gave up looking for it and put my LP on CD myself, and that allowed me to also put the tracks from the EP on with the album tracks.
It's a tremendous album and if you like Brownsville Station, Cub Koda, rock and roll, rockabilly, boogie woogie, or rock-tinged blues, you simply can't live without this one!
By  M. G. Kimmel
Petey Bankert- Bass Guitar
Guitar Joey Gaydos- Guitar
Cub Koda- Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Cool Fred Schmidt- Drums
A1 Welcome to My Job  
A2 Gettin' Wild Tonight  
A3 Jail Bait  
A4 Tight Jeans  
A5 Cadillac Jack  
A6 Cadillac Walk  
B1 Pound It Out  
B2 Crazy People  
B3 Sneakers on a Rooster  
B4 Ducktail  
B5 The Ballad of Guitar Johnny


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