Monday, April 12, 2010

Lucky Lopez EVANS - Southside Saturday Night 2000

Lucky Lopez EVANS - Southside Saturday Night 2000


Most of Lucky Lopez's repertoire seems to be standards that he must have learnt when he played in Howling Wolf's band. His solo career, while underrated, is a musical treat for those who are looking for the authentic sound of some-one who has really got the blues. "Pay Check" is a profound statement of the human condition (your money is spent as soon as you get it). "Extra Extra" is the sort of blues that you get when your troubles just never seem to end. Even "Good Lovings" which is up tempo and in upbeat mood by Lopez's usual standard, contains a note of resentment. If this man had had a more successful career, he would not have produced such depth of feeling. This man has really got the blues. The guitar playing is not as technically scintillating as some other artists, but for people who understand what the blues is all about, full of music and meaning.
This is a good album by a man who is undeservedly obscure. His songs are true blues in the sense that they reflect the ups and (mainly) downs of life. He has a great blues voice and a good guitar style. I would say however that the Borderline cd (which is very difficult to obtain) is even better than this and is one of my very favourite cds in a very large collection. It's a great pity that there is so little Lucky Lopez Evans material around and that what there is is difficult to get hold of.
By Mr. G. M. Mackley.
Lucky Lopez Evans- (Vocals, Guitar);
Richard Studholme- (Guitar);
Jack Hills- (Piano, Hammond B-3 Organ, Keyboards);
Henry Thomas, Mark Clements- (Bass);
Luce Langridge, John Webster- (Drums).
01. Cut You Loose 4:24
02. Pay Check 4:10
03. Good Lovings 7:42
04. Young Girl 4:14
05. Hail To The King 8:15
06. Smell Something Funny 5:17
07. Extra Extra 8:00
08. Tail Draggin' 6:11
09. There Was A Day 9:23
10. Something Wrong With Me 6:17
11. Pay Check (Live Version) 4:37


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