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Hampton HAWES & Paul CHAMBERS - The East-West Controversy 1951-57

Hampton HAWES & Paul CHAMBERS - The East-West Controversy 1951-57
1975 Issue


There is nothing too controversial about the pair of sets that comprise this Xanadu LP, which finds musicians identified with East Coast and West Coast styles playing with each other. Pianist Hampton Hawes (making his recording debut as a leader) performs six blues and bop standards in 1951 and is in already fairly mature form. The second half of the album (released for the first time on this 1975 LP) has bassist Paul Chambers directing a quintet arranged by John Graas and featuring the tenors of Bill Perkins and Jack Montrose, pianist Paul Moer and either Mel Lewis or Philly Joe Jones on drums. The cool-toned bop music is quite enjoyable and it seems odd that it took 18 years for it to be released.
By Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
A divine head start if there ever was one, Hampton Hawes was born with six fingers on each hand. The extra digits were removed shortly after birth, but the ten remaining members paid tribute to their two lost brethren by taking up the piano as a youngster. A student of boogie-woogie, stride and swing until childhood buddy Eric Dolphy introduced him to the work of Bird and Diz, Hawes reduced his wide range of jazz influences to an intense, historically steeped, swinging bop voice. Land and Hawes trade off the melody here, and their respective solos are both inspired and impressive. Note the dominance of Hawes's right hand to create an improvisatory statement that's often more reminiscent of a horn player than a pianist. LaFaro's walking and solo are expectedly perfect.
Hampton Hawes- (Piano),
Harper Cosby- (Bass),
Lawrence Marable- (Drums),
Paul Chambers- (Bass),
Philly Joe Jones- (Drums),
Mel Lewis- (Drums),
Jack Montrose- (Tenor Sax),
Bill Perkins- (Tenor Sax),
Paul Moer- (Piano).
01. Buzzy
02. What Is This Thing Called Love (These Foolish Things)
03. Bud's Blues (Hamp's Claws)
04. Another Hair Do
05. All The Things You Are
06. Blue Bird (Hamp's Paws)
07. Montrose
08. The Mouse Hop
09. Jazz City
10. Sweet Saxophones
11. Early Morning Smog
12. Two Visitors
13. Cute


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