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Little Willie ANDERSON - Swinging The Blues 1979

Little Willie ANDERSON - Swinging The Blues 1979
1998 Issue.


Blues on Blues has been defunct for quite some time, but Earwig recently restored Anderson's only album to digital print. It's a loose, informal affair, Anderson's raw vocals and swinging harp backed by an all-star crew: guitarists Robert Jr. Lockwood, Sammy Lawhorn, and Jimmie Lee Robinson; bassist Willie Black, and drummer Fred Below. Anderson only revived one Walter standard, having brought a sheaf of his own intermittently derivative material to the session (although he does take a stab at bluesifying Lester Young's jazz classic
"Lester Leaps In").
By Bill Dahl. AMG.
If you're a blues harmonica player, it's virtually impossible not to owe a debt to Little Walter Jacobs. Willie Anderson, sometimes known as Little Walter, Jr.
, was Little Walter's chauffeur, valet, drinking buddy, and occasional substitute on gigs. On this reissue of a 1981 LP, Willie is backed by some of the cream of Chicago sidemen: guitarists Robert Jr. Lockwood, Jimmy Lee Robinson, Sammy Lawhorn, and drummer Fred Below, another Walter alumnus. Though not quite as fleet and adept as Walter, Little Willie's tone has a raw biting edge and impassioned power. Like Walter, his blowing is horn influenced... Anderson is consciously carrying a flame here, but not with quiet reverence. He blows for broke, and this is one of the most exciting harp albums since Walter's death.
Fans of contemporary Chicago Blues will recognize the two names of the artists on this CD. This is the first recorded teaming of these two blues artists. Lil Ed is the nephew of the late great JB Hutto. Ed plays JB's actual guitar and carries forward his great slide guitar and blues boogie tradition. Lil Ed's vocals reveal a big voice from a little guy. Willie Kent is known to blues fans as the leading blues bass player today. Willie's earthy and down-home blues sound, both on the bass and in vocals, lays down the backbone of the great sounds on this album. This is a wild and raucous ride. These two can't lose with the stuff they use!
Little Willie Anderson (vocals, harmonica); Willie Anderson (vocals, harmonica); Jimmie Lee Robinson, Robert Lockwood, Jr., Sammy Lawhorn (guitar); Fred Below (drums).
01. Come Here Mama 2:39
02. Willie's Women Blues 3:48
03. Lester Leaps In 3:34
04. Everything Gonna Be Alright 2:54
05. Late Night 4:11
06. 69th Street Bounce 3:31
07. Looking For You Baby 4:21
08. Been Around 3:39
09. West Side Baby 4:12
10. Big Fat Mama 6:27


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