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The Edgar Winter Group With Rick Derringer 1975

The Edgar Winter Group With Rick Derringer 1975
PZ 33798, PZ 33798


The Edgar Winter Group with Rick there's a title for the ages. If anyone knows their Winter History, Rick Derringer helped write, produce, and play on many of (Johnny and Edgar) Winter albums of the early - to - mid 70's. But back to this album, this is just a fun, party rock record. You know it's a party if Derringer is listed on the album...Johnny Winter played the blues, Edgar played the jazz, and when Derringer worked with each brother seperately (and together, on Johnny and Edgar Winter Live 'Together') he brought in the rock (and party). I wouldn't call this album as essential or a masterpiece, but any fan of mid 70's rock, or of Edgar, Johnny, or Rick should definitely pick up. This is a no frills release.
The Edgar Winter Group with Rick Derringer is a big disappointment over the previous year's Shock Treatment. On that album, the band displayed a lot of enthusiasm in their performance and each member's musical specialty blended in well. But on this album, you can tell that Winter, Derringer, and Hartman are more interested in their respective solo careers. Edgar Winter delves into soul and funk, Hartman- soft rock, and Derringer- no frills rock 'n' roll. Not to mention the fact that the compositions aren't instantly memorable and the production is less polished. Winter even contributes a "Frankenstein"-like instrumental but is definitely not as good. Out of the 12 tracks on this release, only three are worthwhile, and even these don't rank among their best.
Edgar Winter - Percussion, Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Rick Derringer - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
Paul Prestopino - Banjo, Dobro, Guitar, Guitar (Classical)
Dan Hartman - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Strings, Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
John Siegler - Bass, Bass (Acoustic)
Chuck Ruff - Percussion, Drums, Vocals
A1. Cool Dance  2:56
A2. People Music  3:02
A3. Good Shot  3:37
A4. Nothin' Good Comes Easy  3:22
    Banjo, Guitar [Classical], Resonator Guitar - Paul Prestopino
A5. Infinite Peace In Rhythm  3:07
    Banjo, Guitar [Classical], Resonator Guitar - Paul Prestopino
A6. Paradise-Sides  5:41
B1. Diamond Eyes  3:51
B2. Modern Love  3:44
B3. Let's Do It Together Again  3:09
B4. Can't Tell One From The Other  2:38
    Banjo, Guitar [Classical], Resonator Guitar - Paul Prestopino
    Bass [Acoustic] - John Siegler
B5. J.A.P. (Just Another Punk)  4:26
B6. Chainsaw  3:13


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