Monday, April 19, 2010

Robert NIGHTHAWK & Forest City JOE - Black Angel Blues 1991

Robert NIGHTHAWK & Forest City JOE - Black Angel Blues 1991


Got the blues in the mornin',
Lord, I got the blues all through my day.
Now you know the worst thing man,
The blues gone to my head.
Nighthawks 1948-1950 twelve Aristocrat/Chess sides plus two 1964 tracks are on Black Angel Blues (Chess (Charly) CD RED 29). On four of the Chess titles Nighthawk is only playing guitar, though. Ethel Mae is the name of the vocalist. The remaining eight tracks on this CD are Forest City Joe's eight 1948 Aristocrat titles. This album is of course out of print, but could maybe be found second hand. Also, I think it has been reissued by some other company.
On April 3rd, 1960, Joe was returning home with friends from a dance when their truck flipped over by Horseshoe Lake. Joe's head was crushed and he died instantly. No one was around to write a "Memory of Forrest City Joe" and it would be another decade before his death was confirmed.
Forest City Joe- Harmonica, Vocals
Robert Nighthawk- Guitar, Vocals

01.My Sweet Lovin' Woman
02.Down the Line
03.Sweet Black Angel
04.Handsome Lover
05.She Knows How to Love a Man
06.Annie Lee Blues
07.Sugar Papa
08.Return Mail Blues
09.Good News
10.Six Three O
11.Prison Bound
12.Jackson Town Gal
13.Sorry My Angel
15.Memory of Sonny Boy
16.Special Delivery Man
17.Shady Lane Woman
18.A Woman on Every Street
19.Sawdust Bottom
20.Ash Street Boogie
21.Mean Mistreatin' Woman
22.Lonesome Day Blues


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