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Toshiko AKIYOSHI & Lew TABAKIN Big Band - Insights 1976

Toshiko AKIYOSHI & Lew TABAKIN Big Band - Insights 1976


Toshiko Akiyoshi co-led (with her husband Lew Tabackin) one of the most exciting post-bop bands for several decades until finally disbanding it early in the 21st century. These 1976 studio sessions make up one of her best overall albums, which includes performances of four originals. "Studio J" actually dates from 1957, while the pianist was studying at Berklee, and was originally recorded in a trio setting. Akiyoshi stretches out for several choruses, and Bill Reichenbach contributes a pair of solid trombone solos. "Transience" is a richly textured ballad that showcases baritone saxophonist Bill Perkins, trombonist Britt Woodman (a Duke Ellington alum), and Gary Foster on soprano sax. "Sumie" features Tabackin's mesmerizing flute (an instrument for which he should receive wider acclaim); he also uses a piccolo later in the piece. "Minamata" is an elaborate three-part suite that features a 13-year-old vocalist (Michiru Mariano), a fine flügelhorn solo by Bobby Shew, and narration by several Japanese artists, resulting in a stunning tone poem. Sadly, this rewarding RCA LP has not been reissued in the United States, though it was put out by BMG in Japan in 2002.
By Ken Dryden.
Insights is the fourth studio recording of the Toshiko Akiyoshi – Lew Tabackin Big Band and was voted "Jazz Album of the Year" in the 1978 Down Beat magazine critic's poll. It received the Swing Journal magazine 1976 Gold Disk prize in Japan and was nominated for a 1978 Grammy award in the USA for Best Jazz Instrumental Performance by a Big Band.
Toshiko Akiyoshi– Piano
Lew Tabackin– Tenor Saxophone and Flute
Tom Peterson– Tenor Saxophone
Dick Spencer– Alto Saxophone
Gary Foster– Alto Saxophone
Bill Perkins– Baritone Saxophone
Steven Huffsteter– Trumpet
Bobby Shew– Trumpet
Mike Price– Trumpet
Richard Cooper– Trumpet (Tracks 1, 2, 3)
Jerry Hey– Trumpet (Track 4)
Bill Reichenbach– Trombone
Charlie Loper– Trombone
Britt Woodman– Trombone
Phil Teele– Bass Trombone
Don Baldwin– Bass
Peter Donald– Drums
Guest Artists:
Hisao Kanze– Utai / No Chant (Track 4, "Minamata")
Tadao Kamei– Otsuzumi (Track 4, "Minamata")
Hayao Uzawa– Kotsuzumi (Track 4, "Minamata")
Michiru Mariano– Voice (Track 4, "Minamata")
Hiromitsu Katada– Kakko (Track 3, "SUMIE")
01. Studio J 6:07
02. Transience 4:40
03. Sumie 7:55
04. Minamata (suite) 21:36
    a) Peaceful Village
    b) Prosperity & Consequence
    c) Epilogue



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