Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shakey JAKE - Mouth Harp Blues 1960

Shakey JAKE - Mouth Harp Blues 1960
Recorded in New York, November 19, 1960
BVLP 1027
Reissues 1988. Ace LP CH 236 


Jake Harris knew how to shake a pair of dice in order to roll a lucrative winner. He also realized early on that his nephew, guitarist Magic Sam, was a winner as a bluesman. Harris may have not been a technical wizard on his chosen instrument, but his vocals and harp style were proficient enough to result in a reasonably successful career (both with Sam and without).
Shakey Jake- Vocal, Harmonica
Robert Banks- Piano
Jimmy Lee Robinson-  Guitar
Leonard Gaskin- Bass
Junior Blackmon- Drums
A1. Mouth Harp Blues   
A2. Love Me Baby   
A3. Jake's Cha Cha   
A4. Gimme a Smile   
A5. My Broken Heart   
B1. Angry Lover   
B2. Things Is Alright   
B3. Easy Baby   
B4. Things Are Different Baby   
B5. It Won't Happen Again


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