Monday, April 5, 2010

Alias Blues Gang - Movin' The Gang 2004

Alias Blues Gang - Movin' The Gang 2004


Lors bartenders asked us to talk to us same ... Hum ... You see, the thing is simple because our curriculum is somewhat limited ... We are young, we are passionate our first blues band and this is serious. That's it.. Well Ehhmms also looks good that we all have experiences (music) before and those things, obviously, and even merits a curriculum boasts some of us have played with heavyweights of the scene. As for repertoire, we focus mainly on Chicago blues. But we play other sticks in our desire to do something decent blusísticamente.
B.G. Alias Greetings.
Wladi Badia-  Vocals,Guitar
Miguel Angel "Johannes"- Hammond Organ
Martin-  Bass
Goyo "Web" Fernandez-  Guitar
Kino Domens-  Drums
David García-  Harmonica
01. Movin' The Gang  4:14
02. T-Bone Shuffle  3:22
03. Ni siquiera Soy Negro  4:49
04. Somebody Loan Me A Dime  3:24
05. Evil Gal Blues  2:42
06. Amor En Paro  4:26
07. A Pelo  2:29
08. Baby Why You Wanna Let Go  4:20
09. Homework  3:59
10. Humdrum Blues  2:44
11. The Riff  4:00
12. Quédate En Cama  4:11
13. I'll Play The Blues For You  5:23
14. Big Chief  2:54
15. You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover  7:58


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