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Maceo PARKER - My First Name Is Maceo 2004 (AVI)

Maceo PARKER - My First Name Is Maceo 2004 (AVI)


In this documentary featuring exclusive interviews and footage, director Markus Gruber presents a thorough look at funk saxophonist Maceo Parker. As part of James Brown's band, the skilled sax player often outshone the frontman, and when Brown became unfortunately incarcerated in the late 1980s, Maceo decided the time was right to form his own group. Featuring legends such as trombonist Fred Wesley and tenor saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis, the group continues to produce the fluid, expressive music for which Maceo has become known. This program features footage from a 1994 tour, and showcases exclusive footage and interviews, including talks with Maceo's brother and other musicians who have known him well.
Bruno Speight- Guitar
James "Son" Thomas- Drums
Fred Wesley- Trombone, Vocals
Jerry Preston- Bass
Pee Wee Ellis- Tenor Sax, Vocals
RebirthBrass Band, Guest Appearance
Maceo Parker- Alto Sax, Vocals
Will Boulware- Organ (Hammond)
01.Keep on Marching
02.Make It Funky
03.Gimme Some More
04.About Musical Language - Introducing Pee Wee Ellis & Kim Mayzelle
05.Wait a Minute! - Introducing George Clinton
06.C Jam Funk
07.Children's World
08.Maceo Back at Home
09.New Orleans Street Life - Introducing the Rebirth Brass Band
10.Walking Home Together
11.Shake Everything You've Got
12.Give the Drummer Some (Introducing Melvin Parker)(Multimedia Track)
13.Funk Is About What You Don't Play
14.Jamming With Pedro Abrunhosa in Portugal
15.Let's Get It On
16.A Family Type of Things - Introducing Fred Wesley and Jabo Starks
17.House Party
18.Cold Sweat

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