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Stanley TURRENTINE – T Time 1995

Stanley TURRENTINE – T Time 1995


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is known for many things, not the least of which is turning out jazz talent like Billy Strayhorn, Jeff "Tain" Watts, and Stanley Turrentine. Turrentine was one of the prime tenor players, with an approach of combining ...    Full Descriptionbebop with aspects of gospel and r&b, giving birth to soul-jazz. T TIME is a session from the mid-1990's, with Mister T (the original!) accompanied by some fine players, the then-new names of Kenny Drew Jr. and Dave Stryker. T TIME is gutsy, down-to-earth jazz from one of the masters.
This is one of Stanley Turrentine's finest but little known works. It is a smouldering collection of soulful songs.
The opener "Don't Mess With Mr. T" written by Marvin Gaye definitely has that cool sound for which Marvin is so well known. Stanley's sax is hypnotic plus the organ solo is infectious.
"A Little Sweetness" swings with some serious attitude! VERY funky ear-candy.
Feel the mellow mood of that soothing sax in "I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do".
"Impressions" written by John Coltrane is an uptempo frenzy of pleasure! Each musician's talent is showcased in this amazing number.
Heady with a stylish flair, "Terrible T" was penned by Stanley Turrentine & Bobby Lyle. It's fluidity gets right under your skin!
There is a slightly Latin sound to the sophisticated swaying notes in "The Island". Stanley will definitely take you away and Kenny Drew Jr. plays some very fine piano.
How sweet and soft is that sax in "Touching"! Don't miss the piano solo in this one. It was written by Stanley Turrentine and Bobby Lyle.
The finale "Side Steppin" was written by guitarist Dave Stryker who joined Stanley on these sessions. Dave is a very gifted musician/writer with his own cds. His guitar solo and Stanley's funky sax are hot in this number!
If you love Stanley Turrentine when he gets down and sassy then this is one cd that you never want to stop playing!
By Beverly Praiswater.
Dave Stryker- Guitar,
Stanley Turrentine- Tenor Sax,
Kenny Drew, Jr.- Organ,Piano,Keyboards,Hammond B3, 
Dwayne Dolphin- Acustic,Electric Bass,
Mark Johnson- Drums,
Alfredo Mojica- Percussion.
01. Don't Mess With Mr. T. 6:10
02. A Little Sweetness 6:22
03. I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do 5:35
04. Impressions 7:57
05. Terrible T. 4:41
06. The Island 6:05
07. Touching Side Steppin' 6:54
08. Side Steppin' 4:51


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