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Tania MARIA - Outrageous 1993

Tania MARIA - Outrageous  1993


Tania Maria sticks to Brazilian pop music on her concise but unremarkable program. The entire focus is on her vocals and there is little or no improvising over the repetitious vamps. The closer one listens to the admittedly danceable music, the more tedious it sounds.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
Don Alias- Percussion
Tom Barney- Bass
Sergio Brandao- Bass
Reinaldo Fernandes- Repique
Darryl Jones- Bass
Zé Luis Flute, Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Tania Maria Synthesizer, Piano, Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (Bckgr)
Rio- Vocals
Ricky Sebastian- Drums
Claudio Silva- Pandeiro
Jorge Silva- Tambourine
Mitch Stein- Guitar, Mandolin  
Buddy Williams- Drums
Dan Carillo- Guitar
John Purcell- Soprano & Alto Sax
01. Dear Dee Vee (4:42)
    Flute, Saxophone [Tenor] - Zé Luis
    Piano [Acoustic] - Tania Maria
02. Confusion (3:35)
    Bass - Tom Barney
03. She's Outrageous (6:47)
    Percussion - Jorge Silva
    Saxophone [Soprano] - Zé Luis
04. Bom Bom Bom Tchi Tchi Tchi (4:56)
05. Happiness (5:03)
    Vocals [Hip Hop Bop Singer] - Rio (31)
06. Amei De Mais (I Loved Too Much) (4:27)
    Pandeiro - Jorge Silva
07. Tá Tudo Certo (Everything Is Fine) (4:50)
    Saxophone [Tenor] - Zé Luis
    Tambourine - Jorge Silva
08. I Can Do It (4:53)
    Mandolin - Mitch Stein
09. Minha Mãe (My Mother) (4:52)
10. Happiness 2 (4:10)
    Bass - Tom Barney
11. Granada (5:31)
    Written-By - Austin Lara
12. Granada Vignette (1:04)
    Written-By - Austin Lara


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