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Paquito D'RIVERA - Tico Tico 1989

Paquito D'RIVERA - Tico Tico 1989


"Many American musicians think of Carmen Miranda, La Bamba, or La Cucaracha as Latin music. They don't think South American music is very serious. I made this album to demonstrate how to play Latin American rhythms and their application into the language of jazz music."
By Paquito D'Rivera.
Paquito D'Rivera's alto and clarinet skills were ably displayed on this session, which featured him working in Afro-Latin, salsa, funk, swing and hard bop. Compositions ranged from intense, jam-flavored numbers with torrid solos, like "Recife's Blue" and the title tune, to introspective ballads, group pieces with rhythmically explosive sections and numbers displaying classical influences. The unifying force was D'Rivera, who also played tenor, but was most prominent on clarinet, doing both swing-oriented and looser, freer solos. While not as strict a jazz vehicle as his Columbia dates, this session presented a more eclectic, versatile Paquito D'Rivera.
By Ron Wynn. AMG.
Paquito D'Rivera- (Alto & Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet);
Danilo Perez- (Piano);
Fareed Haque, Romero Lobambo, Tiberio Nascimiento- (Guitar);
David Finck, Nilson Matta- (Bass);
Mark Walker, Portihno- (Drums);
Raphael Cruz- (Percussion).
01. Danza Caracteristica 05:53    
02. Anorado Encuentro 04:55     
03. Valse Criollo 01:10  
04. El Mardino 01:20 
05. Carola 01:53
06. Tico Tico 05:38  
07. Song For Maura 07:00 
08. To Brenda With Love 07:29 
09. Serenata 07:17   
10. Elizabeth 05:01   
11. Chorinho #3 "Sheep Meadow" 02:25  
12. Recife's Blue 07:19


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