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Tito PUENTE and Woody HERMAN - Latin Flight 1958

Tito PUENTE and Woody HERMAN - Latin Flight 1958
1993 Issue


Woody played clarinet and alto sax and was the leader. His 1958 "Herman's Herd" averaged 16-18 members. These selections were all recorded between Aug. lst and Dec. 26th of that year. I think I owned this on vinyl in '59 under the title "Tito Meets Woody" and I think it was on the Everest label. This CD reissue is a great deal of fun. In addition to Puente's Latin percussion and Herman's horn, Nat Adderly does some trumpeting, Charlie Byrd plays guitar a little, and Bob Brookmeyer can be heard on trombone. The other band members have less public recognition, but hey, nobody plays badly for a Herman band. The "Herd" could easily have been doing these tunes in the early 40's, in the glory days of big bands instead of the waning years. Tito brought the 50's fad of Cuban-style drumming into the mix, and the result is a total victory. You can probably get this at a good price used here in 2003, and if you like swing, jazz, percussion or big groups, this is for you. Not only does it make you feel like dancing, these sounds can lure you into thinking you actually can dance well.
This is 41 minutes of joy.
By  William E. Adams.
Tito Puente and Woody Herman teamed in 1958 for a mutually satisfying meeting in the same way that Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and Machito found common ground in the late '40s. Puente's Latin rhythms and beats meshed with the swing and bebop of Herman's band on half of the disc's cuts, and the results were hot and delightful. With Puente heading the rhythm section and playing timbales, Robert Rodriguez on bass, and assorted percussion from Gilbert Lopez, Raymond Rodriquez, and Ray Barretto, the band stays locked into the Latin groove while the saxophonists and trumpeters weave in, out, and around the beat. There are also more conventional Herman swing numbers such as "Blue Station" and "Woodchopper's Ball," where the standard Herman stomping sound is in effect.
By Ron Wynn, All Music Guide.
Tito Puente- Percussion, Timbales
Woody Herman- Clarinet
Sam Marowitz- Reeds
Pete Mondello- Reeds
Danny Bank- Reeds
Paul Quinichette- Reeds, Tenor Sax
Al Cohn- Reeds, Tenor Sax
Joe Romano- Tenor Sax
Jay Migliori- Tenor Sax
Marty Flax- Tenor Sax
Al Belletto- Baritone Sax
Bobby Clark- Trumpet
Irwin Marky Markowitz- Trumpet
Hal Posey- Trumpet
Steve Lipkins- Trumpet
Danny Stiles- Trumpet
Willie Thomas- Trumpet
Ernie Royal- Trumpet
Nick Travis- Trumpet
Al Forte- Trumpet
Jimmy Guinn- Trombone
Frank Rehak- Trombone
Roger DeLillo- Trombone
Willie Dennis- Trombone
Bill Elton- Trombone
Billy Byers- Trombone
Al Planck- Piano
Major Holley- Bass
Robert Rodriguez- Bass
Ray Barretto- Conga
Gilbert Lopez- Percussion
Ray Rodriguez- Percussion
Jimmy Campbell- Drums
01. Latin Flight 2:02
02. New Cha-Cha 3:03
03. Mambo Herd 2:39
04. Tito Meets Woody 2.39
05. Cha-Cha Chick 3:02
06. Blue Gardenia 3:10
07. Prelude a la Cha Cha 4:05
08. It's Coolin' Time 4:19
09. Black Orchid 2:33
10. Original No. 2 3:09
11. Sinbad the Sailor 4:02
12. Mambo Bambo 3:19
13. Fire Island 3:16


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