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Cannonball ADDERLEY - Soul of the Bible 1972

Cannonball ADDERLEY - Soul of the Bible 1972
SABB-11120. 2 x Vinyl, LP
(This is for Keith Saunders,to listen one more time)


Adderly worked with psychedelic cosmonaut David Axelrod among others and the religious themes which borrow from the Bible to the Bhagavad Gita and Buddhism make an interesting backdrop to the blues jazz rock fusion showcased on this double album. i've come back to this album more than a few times only to pick up on something new on the way. it's a fun idea to put cool religious/philosophical concepts over swinging seventies soul jazz fusion. not that the sermons are long and dominate the record - they don't . they usually just open a new set and leave you to marvel at some profound idea while the musicians do their thing after that! Somewhat similar or comparable to Mile's "Bitch's Brew" album, though perhaps less dark.
By C. Rocklein.
Prime material from Cannonball and David Axelrod -- and despite the biblical leanings of the title, the record is pretty darn funky! As they did for the Zodiac, Cannonball and Adderley take a trip through a host of cultural milestones -- stopping along the way to turn each one into a new pillar of soul, working with Rick Holmes, who narrates the set in the same way he did on the Zodiac albums. Brother Nat Adderley and George Duke are among the players in the album's very funky backing -- and tracks include Make Your Own Temple, Amani, Space Spiritual, Eternal Walk, and Gone. Oh for the days of the double LP concept jazz record!
Bass- Walter Booker
Bass [Electric]- Francisco Centeno
Drums- Roy McCurdy
Percussion- Airto Moreira , King Errisson , Mayuto Correa , Octavio
Piano, Electric Piano- Nat Adderley Jr.
Piano, Electric Piano [Rhodes]- George Duke
Trumpet [Cornet]- Nat Adderley
"Cannonball Adderley"- Alto Sax
A1. In The Beginning  1:20
A2. Yield  2:20
    Vocals - Olga James
A3. Obeah  7:36
A4. Fun In The Church  7:08
    Vocals - Fleming Williams
B1. The Eternal Walk  6:48
B2. Krukma  3:17
B3. Gone  4:00
B4. Behold  3:15
    Vocals - Arthur Charma
B5. Psalm 24  4:56
C1. Make Your Own Temple  5:58
C2. Taj  14:52
D1. Psalm 54  1:55
D2. Amani  11:35
    Vocals - Olga James
D3. Space Spiritual  7:30
    Vocals - Stephanie Spruill


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