Monday, April 12, 2010

Melvin TAYLOR - Blues On The Run 1982

Melvin TAYLOR - Blues On The Run 1982
Isabel 900.512


Melvin Taylor is one of the most entertaining and veratile blues guitarists to ever play and this cd provides some great examples of his brilliance. This is the earliest recording of his that I know of. It has a more traditional chicago electric bluesy sound. I highly recommend you buy this one!
Chicago-based guitarist Melvin Taylor is a star in Europe, but it may take some time for U.S. audiences to catch on to just how phenomenally talented a bluesman he is. Part of the problem for Taylor may be his own natural eclecticism. He's equally adept playing jazz or blues, but in the last few years, he's forged a name for himself as a blues guitarist with a slew of releases for Evidence Music. Taylor may well be the most talented new guitarist to come along since Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Melvin Taylor– Vocal, Lead Guitar
Johnny Dollar- Rhythm Guitar
Big Moose Walker- Piano
Willie Love– Bass Guitar
Casey Jones- Drums
A1. Traveling Man   6:20
A2. Lowdown Dirty Shame   7:30
A3. Escape   6:55
B1. Cold Cold Feeling   4:40
B2. Just Like a Woman   8:00
B3. Chitlins Con Carne   8:50


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