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Blues Messengers - Blues To Gray 2000

Blues Messengers - Blues To Gray 2000


We Are Constantly Being surprised at Blues4ever here, not just by the quality and diversity of Some of the CD's sent in to us by But Their origin. We never contemplated romantic Italy as a hot bed of blues music But Were Proved emphatically wrong. When Blue Messengers Sent Us Their 'Blues To Gray' CD We Were blown away by what we heard. A mixture of electric blues and blues / rock with a large Measure of soul, Their sound will grab you and hold you from the first track to the last.
Blue Messengers Were Formed in 1996 in Rome from a collaboration of American and Italian musicians. The singer Shawn Logan is Chicago born and bred But now lives Between Colombia, South Carolina and Rome. His amazing vocal talent Enables HIM to Perform hard, raw rocking numbers like 'Color And Kind' the opening track on CD and Their soulful blues like 'Blues To Gray' the title track with equal ease. Underpinning the group's tight performances is the formidable guitar playing of Lello Panico from Caserta, Italy. Though Shawn and Lello are undoubtedly the driving force of the Blue Messengers sound They are admirably supported by Salazzo Henry on keyboards, Joseph Lepore on bass guitar and Luke on drums Trolli.
If You Thought That The Best Things to Come Out of Italy Were pizza, opera and fast cars, then prepare yourself for a shock!
By Ian Brown.
The rock band blues guitarist Neapolitan Lello Panico reach the second CD with an enthusiasm cemented by performances in concerto.La formula has remained unchanged, with the American singer Shawn Logan to give impetus to the soulful vocals, blues-rock riffs and strong supported by rhythm of Joseph Lepore and Luca Trolli. What is even more loose and nimble guitar is Lello Panico, definitely has a feeling of intense sprint particularly in solos and fills fast counterpoint vocals. Look for example the fast shuffle "All the Way", with an impressive solo attack with Robben Ford and the Battery Trolli decided to push. Other exciting up-tempo is "Love's Merry Go Round, funky soul with colors that do not encroach on the verve guitar, but rather I offer playful fusion flavors.
The voltage remains high on "I Want You", excitedly smash with a text on a nursery rhyme riffs pressing led to the doubling of the battery at issue; solo with wah-wah Panic is one of the most tense moments throughout the disc. The compositions of Lello Panico take away from the typical pattern rather than the blues, as the slow shuffle "In Love Again", but buying in energy executive personality and feeling in the executive and the overall feeling (well supported by the body of Henry Hammond Solazzo ).
Even in the clow blues band moves confidently taking the attention: "Blues to Gray" is burned in growing grain with soul, and "Do not Let the Sun Go Down" is embellished with a solo warm.
The covers are dealt with safely and powerful. "Color and Kind" Chester Burnett made from very soft rears with extraordinary agility in absolute rhythm guitar (one of the best measures of panic on the disk, almost as a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan). "Crossroads Robert Johnson is linked to famous version of Cream, adding chili to the cute stop-go rhythm and a blazing solo that does not fear comparisons with Clapton and Robben Ford.
"Bright Lights Big City" closes the disc uptempo, just like the finale of a concert on the rise: Blue Messengers are particularly fun to see a band live, but this disc gives a comprehensive picture cominque their office and especially Under the brilliant guitar Lello Panico.
By Maximum Bracco.
Second test record for this training which brings together some great musicians nostrani with a great American voice, that of Shawn Logan. In particular, it is difficult to understand that the soul of the group is to Lello Panico, Caserta guitarist well known to frequenters of jazz / blues nostrane.
If, as is often heard repeating the Italian blues band are used to repeat clichés than expected and are very far from the mastery of sound and rhythmic sensibility needed to play this music, the Blue Messengers are a group called effectively out of the fray. The first point in their favor can not be the voice of Logan Black birthright but notable for expressive capacity, in its perfect home in several original songs (which is the author with music by Panic), as in cover " Color and Kind "of Holin'Wolf," Crossroads "by Robert Johnson (with direct reference to claptoniana version of Cream)," Bright Lights, Big City Jimmy Reed. Lello Panico clearly shows a love for blues boundaries rather open, able to wander out I stayed stylistic horizons of more 'orthodox' in the environment, always indicating a preference for the more personal approach and sophisticated people like Robben Ford itself as a soloist and refined, relentless rhythm.
The band lives up to the two frontmen, and includes Solazzo Henry on keyboards, Joseph Lepore on bass and Luca Trolli on drums.
By Tavernese Stephen.
01. Color And Kind 3:37
02. All The Way 3:51
03. No Other Man 4:20
04. Blues To Gray 5:16
05. Love's Merry-Go-Round 6:54
06. Crossroads 3:34
07. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin' 5:07
08. In Love Again 6:20
09. I Want You 3:49
10. Bright Lights Big City 3:25


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