Monday, April 12, 2010

The Electric Flag - Groovin' Is Easy 1983

The Electric Flag - Groovin' Is Easy 1983


This collection of live tracks and studio recordings provides an intriguing glimpse of what the late-1960s psychedelic blues band the Electric Flag might have become had it not begun to fall apart soon after the release of its 1968 debut album, A LONG TIME COMIN'. "It's Not the Spotlight" is heavily Band-influenced, and "I Was Robbed Last Night" displays some typically stinging guitar work from Mike Bloomfield, who is also heavily featured in the after-hours "My Baby Wants to Test Me." "I Should Have Left Her" is a live reworking of the band's incendiary version of "Killing Floor," while both "Groovin' Is Easy" and "You Don't Realize," also performed live, were originally featured on A LONG TIME COMIN'.
Michael Bloomfield- (Guitar Vocals), 
Barry Goldberg -(Keyboards),
Nick Gravenites- (Guitar, Vocals),
Harvey Brooks- (Bass, Guitar, Vocals).
A1. Spotlight   3:47
A2. I Was Robbed Last Night   4:42
A3. I Found Out   3:12
A4. Never Be Lonely Again   3:36
A5. Losing Game   3:21
B1. My Baby Wants to Test Me   8:20
B2. I Should Have Left Her   4:13
B3. You Don't Realise   5:14
B4. Groovin' Is Easy   4:24


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