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Luke "Long Gone" MILES - Riding Around In My V8 Ford 1985

Luke "Long Gone" MILES - Riding Around In My V8 Ford 1985
Live in Venice, California.


I never thought I'd see another Long Gone Miles & to get my hands on this beauty & the music is a pure joy & to hear one of the greatest Blues vocalist through the enthusiastic drunken crowd which is like being in a small sleazy downtown bar,just how we like it & how the blues should be heard !!

Many thanks to The Superstitions,John A Williamson for releasing this any more John..ha!!

Don't let this gem of a Cd pass you by, like Luke's studio albums that are Long Gone..sadly !!
By David Sheather.
A huge up front thanks to Slim Green and Pinetone Studios in Atlanta, GA for putting the "Pinetone" on this re-Mastered record! "Tone" you the best!!
Luke ""Long Gone" Miles, May 8, 1925 to Nov. 23 1987 a Great Blues Man and Singer Straight out of Texas and the West Coast! A consummate Performer Who became my friend at The first meeting of The Southern California Blues Society (SCBS) at a park in Long Beach or San Piedro, I don't exactly remember because it was just over 30 years ago. A hand full of us showed up to this get together to institute and start SCBS. It was fate that Luke was one of this hand full of people who cared a lot about the Blues and the fact that it didn't have much of a foothold in So. California. We decided to start by doing a benefit show at The Club 88 on Pico Blvd and have a full afternoon and evening of Blues. I think Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers, William Clark, My Band at the time, The Magic Blues Band, Luke Miles, Blind Joe Hill and a couple of other groups were to perform.

When the day came, a couple of months after that meeting in the park, Luke "Long Gone" Miles was the sharpest guy on the set, He wore a White Suit, White Stingy Brim, White shoes and a sharp "Deep Red" shirt and tie and red sexy sox ( those thin see thru nylon ones that went so well with Stacy Adams Shoes  he lectured sang lectured sang his way thru a great set of music all the while putting a huge amount of true Blues Man Style and Grace on everyone in the club. Thru the next few years Luke partnered up with William Clark, Bernie Pearl The Chambers Brothers, Sonny Terry & Brownie Mc Gee and I'm sure some others. We'd fairly often be on bills together and His Sharpness and Professional Style rubbed off on most of us, everybody started gettin" way more Sharp in everything, Show, Dress, Style Luke kind of showed us all without really saying anything, just by "Doing" and we all were watching and taking notes and Getting more Sharp in all of this Blues!

Luke did give us good schooling! After a while he began to get thin even thinner than he already was and he and I would talk on the phone about getting Gigs The Society and his cancer which was beginning to affect him more and more. He'd say "John you have a minute? He'd say I'm just Sitting in my room and felt like talking! Do you mind Talking for a while and I'd say Luke I always love talking with you please call any time and I'll do the same! Just the best guy and yet he was lonely and wanted to perform, wanted to get out there and get "That Party Goin"! Get people to Havin' some good fun! Luke was the BEST! at "Gettin' that Party Goin" And he sure wanted out of that room and have some fun like he'd done in Texas working with Lightning Hopkins. So That brings us to this recording. Luke Long Gone Miles "Riddin Around in My V8 Ford Live in Venice California, one of his last and I'd say My self Finest Performances! If Not the best recording!

He called Me at the last minute and said Hey John I've got this Show at this "Little Out Door Place" in Venice, Down on Washington Blvd this coming Saturday Afternoon from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. I grabbed my little Blaster Recorder that had always served me really well and headed down to Venice to see My friend Luke Miles! He wasn't in the best of health but it sure didn't show! Luke started delivering his Blues Show to a small crowd probably 40 to 50 people. The Band was scrambling to stay with him just a little and it was on! Luke did 2 shows that day and I recorded the second show, the band was hitting its stride and there was Luke up there in one of his sharp suits hat and shoes and sexy sox Layin it down, tellin' people to drink a little and bringing them all including me into Have-in' a Good Time.

I got 8  tracks that were supurb! Yes there's people at the tables talking and the Band Chases Luke sometimes, just a little, but all in all this is one heck of a live performance!  And I'd say Luke "Long Gone" Miles at his best! He's out, His Joy is showing and he's having fun, bring thoes Blues to all those nice folks out there in Venice California. This was one of his last, if not the, live recordings! I'm so glad I got it and so glad Luke was My friend!  John Lee Williamson The Superstitions/ Southside Jukes/ Magic Blues Band.
The Superstitions
01. MoJo Hand 2:32
02. 38 Pistol & A V8 Ford 3:35
03. Shake Now Baby Shake 2:01
04. My Little One Room Country Shack 3:26
05. Long Gone's Advice 1:10
06. It's Mighty Crazy 3:14
07. Long Gone With My Red Pajama's On 2:22
08. I Can't Get Along With You 3:56

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