Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alexis KORNER - Me 1979

Alexis KORNER - Me 1979


After a well-received appearance at the Cambridge Folk Festival in the early 1980s, there were rumors afterward that he intended to become more active musically, but his health was in decline by this time. A chain smoker all of his life, Korner died of lung cancer at the beginning of 1984.
By Bruce Eder, All Music Guide.
A1. Honkey Tonk Woman   4:56
A2. Louise   4:05
A3. Hammer and Nails   3:41
A4. Santa Fé Blues   2:49
A5. Hong Long Blues   3:42

B1. Roberta   4:35
B2. Precious Lord   4:23
B3. Honour the Young Men   3:28
B4. And Again   0:50
B5. East St. Louis   3:01

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