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Lightnin' MALCOLM - Juke Joint Dance Party 2004

Lightnin' MALCOLM - Juke Joint Dance Party 2004


Bluesman Lightnin' Malcolm makes his second Blues Masters appearance, having backed T-Model Ford on drums in 2006. Malcolm was born in rural Missouri and enjoyed the freedom of country life, quickly learning to entertain himself and others. He grew up in a little village called Burgess in a country house next to the KCS Railroad that ran from Kansas City to New Orleans. The train has always been a theme in Malcolm's music, as well as the inspiration for the steady, insistent bass rhythms of rural dance music.

"I remember I was 7 or 8, and the grown folks was parked out on the road listening to music and carrying on," recalls Malcolm. "They put on a tape called Muddy Waters' Greatest Hits, and when I heard that voice shootin' out of that speaker, I was shocked. I fell in love with it, and I promised myself then and there that if I grew up to be a man, I was gonna try to do that!"

Malcolm – a reckless live performer plays in a slashing, rhythmic style, with deep soulful vocals. He has played over the years with many of the best Mississippi blues artists, such as T-Model Ford, Robert Belfour, Cedell Davis, R.L. Burnside, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Junior Kimbrough, Big Jack Johnson, Sam Carr and Otha Turner. Skilled on guitar, bass and drums, Malcolm is an in-demand session player. He's also typically the life of the party and in 2006 was the leader of the after-hours jam session at Salina's Quality Inn & Suites.

In 2005, Malcolm released his first album, Juke Joint Dance Party. In 2007, Burnside and Malcolm teamed for their debut recording, Juke Joint Duo. They've been booked solid ever since. The duo was quick to get back in the studio, and their follow-up recording is due out soon.
Lightnin' Malcolm was born in Burgess, Missouri and has been playing The Blues since he was 8 years old. On this CD
He has some of his friends, Kenny Kimbrough,Gary Burnside
Scott Leeper and Jimbo Mathus, playing with him. This Cd was recorded at Jimbo's Recording Studio at the Historic WROX Radio Station building in downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi. Lightnin never had formal lessons but he
learned at the feet of the Masters, Rl Burnside, Cedell
Davis, Otha Turner, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Junior Kimbrough and T-Model Ford.Lightnin' plays with a backing band as well as a one man band setting, playing guitar,drums, harmonica and vocals simultaneously. He toured Italy with Robert Belfour in July 2005 and also toured with Jimbo Mathus and the KnockDown South Band as well as playing with the Burnside Exploration,featuring Malcolm, Cedric and Gary Burnside. Lightnin's mission is to Keep the North Mississippi Hill Country Blues alive and
to honor the Masters that gave so much to this Music.
01. Keep On Flying 4:49
02. Stay Here In Your Arms 3:42
03. Love Me Slow 6:01
04. Play It Long Time 6:03
05. Breaktime 3:32
06. Look At My Eyes 3:15
07. I Looked Up The Road 4:17
08. So Long 3:06
09. So Many Women 4:43
10. Out On The Hillside 4:30
11. Please Take Me Home 3:58
12. Stay All Night 7:09

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