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Michael BLOOMFIELD - If You Love These Blues, Play 'em As You Please 1976 (REPOST)

Michael BLOOMFIELD - If You Love These Blues, Play 'em As You Please 1976 (REPOST)


If You Love These Blues, Play 'Em As You Please was an unusual project for Michael Bloomfield. Although recorded as a blues guitar instructional album for Guitar Player magazine, it ended up being acclaimed as one of his finest solo recordings, of interest to both guitar players and the general listening public. Bloomfield had been in commercial and artistic decline for years prior to cutting this disc, and there's the sense that he welcomed the chance to get back to what he knew and loved the best, selecting and laying down material without having to worry about how well it would sell. That relaxed quality comes through on the performances, in which he goes through a wide assortment of electric and acoustic guitar styles, the songs specifically designed to illustrate guitar sounds associated with heroes like B.B. King, Jimmie Rodgers, the Carter Family, T-Bone Walker, Blind Blake, Guitar Slim, Lonnie Johnson, and others. The cuts with band backing are no-frills, straight-ahead affairs that avoid over-production, interrupted by a few showcases for Bloomfield's considerable and underrated abilities as an acoustic guitarist. His singing, as always, was merely serviceable, but suitably respectful of the material and the styles to which he was paying homage. Sprinkled throughout the program are brief, unobtrusive spoken introductions from Bloomfield himself succinctly explaining the songs, what they're examples of, and how they're being played. Long after it was made, it's still useful as a primer for aspiring blues guitarists, but also reasonably satisfying as a blues record on its own terms. The 2004 CD reissue on Kicking Mule adds a lot of value by tacking on the entirety of his 1979 album Bloomfield/Harris, a joint effort by Bloomfield and acoustic guitarist Woody Harris that's a nice, if peripheral, wholly instrumental excursion into gospel-oriented folk-blues.
By Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide.
Originally recorded for Guitar Player magazine and released as "Guitar Player 3002" in 1976, this album is regarded as one of the highlights of Bloomfield's later career. Michael Bloomfield takes you through the blues guitar style of B.B. King, Jimmy Rogers, T-Bone Walker, Jim Jackson, Howling Wolf, Guitar Slim, Eddie Lang and others. The album was previously released in poor, butchered form on two budget CDs, but this is the first time it has been released in its entirety, including Bloomfield's track-by-track commentary.
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Ron Stallings- Tenor Sax
Michael Bloomfield- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Banjo, piano, Organ, Bass Guitar, Drums
Nick Gravenites- Guitar
Ira Kamin- Piano, Organ
Tom Donlinger- Drums
Hart McNee- Baritone Sax
Dave Neditch- Drums
Doug Kilmer- Bass Guitar
Eric Kriss- Piano
Roger Troy- Bass Guitar
Woody Harris- Guitar
01. If You Love These Blues 1:08
02. Hey, Foreman 2:52 
03. Narrative 0:36  
04. Wdia 3:34 
05. Narrative  0:10 
06. Death Cell Rounder Blues 3:32
07. Narrative  0:05
08. City Girl 4:27
09. Narrative  0:19
10. Kansas City Blues 3:08 
11. Narrative  0:16  
12. Mama Lion 3:38  
13. Narrative  0:10 
14. Thrift Shop Rag 1:47 
15. Narrative  0:14 
16. Death In My Family 3:55
17. East Colorado Blues 1:32
18. Blue Ghost Blues 2:15  
19. Narrative  0:25 
20. The Train Is Gone 2:55 
21. Narrative  0:07 
22. The Altar Song 2:17  
23. I'll Overcome 3:47  
24. I Must See Jesus 4:31 
25. Great Dreams From Heaven 2:48  
26. Gonna Need Somebody On My Bond 4:03  
27. I Am A Pilgrim 2:28 
28. Just A Closer Walk With Thee 3:04
29. Have Thine Own Way 2:17 
30. Farther Along 2:31 
31. Peace In The Valley 4:58

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