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The Dana FUCHS Band - Lonely For A Lifetime 2003

The Dana FUCHS Band - Lonely For A Lifetime 2003


The youngest of six children musicians, Dana Fuchs, daughter of Sandy and Don Fuchs was born and raised in Wildwood, Florida, a small rural town.  joined the First Baptist Gospel Choir and began singing in public. At age 16, became the lead singer of a popular local band in the near Holiday Inn moved to New York for 19 years, and began collaborating with Jon Diamond, a guitarist who had toured with Joan Osborne and the winner of WC Handy Award, Debbie Davies.  Together they formed the 'Dana Fuchs Band' who began working in various clubs. The band sold out shows at Mercury Lounge, The Stephen Talkhouse and BB King's, sharing the action with Little Feat, Marianne Faithfull, and Etta James. Fuchs has claimed that she "wanted to capture a soulful vibe and rock, but with an earthiness to it."  Their second album, "Live in NYC" was announced on April 1, 2008, by Antler King Records label.  Fuchs plays Sadie in the movie "Across the Universe".  "Love Janis". Also played Janis Joplin in the Eric Nederlander production of the Broadway musical "Love Janis."Jack Livesy, Fuchs wrote and performed songs on the soundtrack of the film 'Sherrybaby', including the opening and closing.
Chris Palmaro- Piano, Wurlitzer, Organ (Hammond)
George Recile- Percussion, Drums
John Ginty- Piano, Organ (Hammond)
Ethan Eubanks- Percussion, Drums, Handclapping
WhyNot Jansveld- Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Vocals (Background)
Dana Fuchs Band- Percussion, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Executive Producer, Handclapping
Pete Diamond- Vocals (Background)
George PapaGeorge- Organ (Hammond)
Jerry Dugger- Vocals (Background)
Jon Diamond- Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Handclapping, Harmonica
Kenny Aaronson- Bass, Dobro, Handclapping, Producer
Ada Dyer- Vocals (Background)
01. Strung Out 4:21
02. Lonely For A Lifetime 4:12
03. Moment Away 3:56
04. Songbird (Fly Me To Sleep) 4:233
05. Tell Me I'm Not Drinking 3:41
06. Bible Baby 3:46
07. God's Song 3:46
08. Bad Seed 4:31
09. Fading Away 3:28
10. I Know You Know 5:09
11. Hiding From Your Love 5:29
12. Sad Salvation 5:26

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