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David KIKOSKI & Eddie GoMEZ & Al FOSTER - Presage 1989

David KIKOSKI & Eddie GoMEZ & Al FOSTER - Presage 1989


At a time when jazz has been to the far reaches of the musical universe and back, some would say that its all been played before and we're currently at a point in the cyclical nature of this art form when those with lesser talents are merely rewriting the past.

Possibly this is why innovation and individualism are so rare these days and why David Kikoski stands apart from the scores of pianists who currently make their home within the mainstream tradition.

Born in 1961, Dave was part of a musical family and given his first piano lessons at the age of six by his father. In his early teens he began working with jazz and rock groups and won “The New Jersey Allstate Jazz Competition “. After high school, Kikoski would head to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where he earned a bachelor's degree in piano. While at school he had a steady trio gig and met Pat Metheny who sat in with the band. A few years later they would record a CD together with Roy Haynes.

In 1984, the pianist decided to try his hand in New York where it didn't take long for him to establish himself. Drummer Roy Haynes would be the first to give Kikoski a break, leading to a productive association that lasts to this day.

During his first few years on the New York scene, the pianist took advantage of the Haynes gig to network with other musicians leading to a wealth of recording opportunities and touring with Randy Brecker, Joe Henderson, Ron Carter, Al Foster, Buster Williams and Bob Berg among others.

By 1989, Dave was ready to cut his first record as a leader. “Presage” featured a high-octane trio with bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Al Foster. His second outing “Persistant Dreams” was produced by Walter Becker of Steely Dan fame featured a larger ensemble including Randy Brecker and Billy Hart.
From AAJ.
David Kikoski- Piano synthesizers
Eddie Gomez- Bass
Al Foster- Drums
01. Hope 8:12
02. Blue Times 8:34
03. In the Still of the Night 6:16
04. Presage 5:58
05. Dirty Dogs 8:34
06. I’ve Got you under my Skin 6:34
07. Doorways 4:37
08. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square 4:03

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