Friday, November 20, 2009

J.J. MILTEAU - Live, Hot n'blue 2005

JJ MILTEAU - Live, Hot n'blue 2005


Born in the heart of a modest family, Jean-Jacques Milteau is caught by the wave of rock and freedom that swept the 1960s, bringing with it Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. He fled the school and fled on roads in Europe and America, along with secretly talented bluesmen, and especially his harmonica, perfect instrument for self eager to see the country. So in the breath that is carving a reputation and career, he goes to play around the world.It is even in the capital, where he performed on the stage of the Opera. Thus it is noticed and approached by artists such as Jean-Jacques Goldman, Gabriel Yared, Maxime Le Forestier, Yves Montand, and many others. In 1989 he released his debut solo 'Blues Harp', and gets a victory for the music for his album 'Explorer', a hit with the public, who appreciate his music to various nationalities - one tinged blues of Ireland, of Louisiana, savanna or Parisian districts. On the album 'Memphis', Milteau is pleased to collaborate with musicians of contemporary blues, as Mighty Mo Rodgers and Little Milton. More intimate, '3rd Blue' was released in 2003 after a record to New York. It contains the soul and the unparalleled musicianship of Jean-Jacques Milteau, the harmonica virtuoso.
01. Messin' with the Kid
02. T.M.C.P
03. Wade in the Water
04. My Share
05. Boogie Mix
06. Same Kind of Pressure
07. You're so Fine
08. Ray Charles Medley
09. Demi's Walk
10. Junior Parker
11. Make Some Changes
12. At Last on Time
13. Chain of Fools
14. Before You Accuse Me
15. Boogie Mix Reprise

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