Monday, November 30, 2009

The Aynsley DUNBAR - Retaliation 1968

The Aynsley DUNBAR Retaliation - The Aynsley DUNBAR Retaliation1968


I bought this vinyl album on a lark when I was in high school. It had just come out and I was intrigued by the name. I had no idea what to expect. Once I put it on the turntable, I was quite disappointed. It didn't rock at all! I wasn't really into the blues that much at the time. However, my friend Dennis was, and he borrowed the album. I eventually got it back, without the original cover, and kept it in my album collection in just a sleeve with the title hand-written on it.

Jump 40 years later and I burned it to a CD and have been listening to it on my long commute to work.

The one song I remember is Watch And Chain and hearing it again after so many years, brings back a rush of memories from high school. Though I never played it much, Dennis did, and it took plenty of abuse and is scratchy and poppy. All that noise actually adds to the charm of it now. An old scratchy blues album sounds better than one that is pristine, in my opinion.

For some reason, this band really nails the blues. They make it sound so authentic, especially for a bunch of Blokes. They somehow tapped into the genuine vibe and pulled off a great group of songs. All the songs are good, but I especially favor Watch and Chain, and the more extended cuts on side two.

This is British blues at its best and I highly recommend it for blues fans.
By Fred Rayworth.
A1. Watch 'n Chain  
A2. My Whisky Head Woman  
A3. Trouble No More  
A4. Double Lovin'  
A5. See See Baby  
A6. Roamin' & Ramblin'  

B1. Sage of Sydney Street  
B2. Memory of Pain  
B3. Mutiny

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