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Gabor SZABO - Faces 1977

Gabor SZABO - Faces 1977


The iconoclastic guitarist's final American record suffers producer Wayne Henderson's dated disco tendencies. But by the time the needle finds side two, some genuinely beautiful performances emerge ("Alicia," "The Last Song" and "Estate"), proving Szabo had not lost his ability to sustain a potent, hypnotic interest. Not available on CD.
By Douglas Payne, All Music Guide.
Gabor Szabo- Acoustic Guitar
Cheryl "Boonie" Alexander , Deborah "Punkin'" Shotlow* , Saundra "Pan" Alexander* , Sylvia St. James- Backing Vocals
Nathaniel Phillips- Bass 
Cello - David H. Speltz , Nathan Gershman
Bruce Carter- Drums
Bobby "The Genie" Lyle- Electric Piano
Marlon "The Magician" McClain- Electric Guitar
Vance 'Mad Dog' Tenort- Percussion
Ernie Watts- Tenor Sax
Dean Gant- Synthesizer
George Bohannon- Trombone -
Danny Christianson , Oscar Brashear- Trumpet
James Dunham , Janet Lakatos- Viola
Assa Drori, Bonnie Douglas,Carroll Stephens ,Haim Shtrum ,Irma Neumann ,Irving Geller ,Paul Shure ,Robert Sushel- Violin
A1   The Biz 4:35
A2   Magic Mystic Faces 5:19
A3   Gloomy Day 5:52
A4   Desiring You 6:05
B1   Misty Malarky Ying Yang 6:59
B2   Alicia 5:37
B3   The Last Song 6:35 
B4   Estate 3:28

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