Saturday, November 21, 2009

Doug MacLEOD -Unmarked Road 1997

Doug MacLEOD -Unmarked Road  1997


This is the last installment of "Thrift Store Finds" for now. I am a compassionate man and will not torture you with too many strange albums...but as you can see there are treasures to be had as well so please enjoy this really fine album by Dubb (his nickname). If you like the idea of posting albums that are sure not run of the mill...say so
and I will continue this at random times...I will let the wounds heal and allow your ears get back to where the were before. Thanks for putting up with this experiment and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Doug MacLeod's dark singing and sparse guitar playing are a throwback to the country-blues artists of the 1930s, although his lyrics have more modern sensibilities. Much of this superior CD is haunting and mildly disturbing, giving one the feeling that there is a great deal beneath the surface. It is the type of blues/folk recording worth experiencing several times, in contrast to those of recent times that express more obvious sentiments. Bassist Jeff Turmes is on just seven of the dozen songs (five of which also include drummer Stefev Mugalian); three of the remaining tunes are duets by MacLeod with percussionist Oliver Brown, and the two others are unaccompanied solo performances. Although the leader's guitar playing is impressive, it is his distinctive and very sincere voice on his dozen originals that sticks in one's mind.
By Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
Doug MacLeods last album for Audioquest was named One Of The Ten Best Albums of 1996 by the managing editor of Pulse magazine. Doug makes a breakthrough on this, his third Audioquest release. The songs are deeply personal, the soulful observations of a man steeped in the blues but unafraid to cross boundaries of style. Doug is beautifully supported by a stellar group of players from the West Coast blues scene.
01. Unmarked Road
02. Necessary Clothes
03. Little Songbird
04. Home Cookin'
05. Talking With Strangers
06. Roll Like A River
07. Lost Like The Wind At Night
08. I Want You
09. Children Like You
10. Night Run To Freedom
11. Cross-eyed In The Mind
12. Old Country Road