Sunday, November 29, 2009

James COTTON - Live At Antone's Nightclub - 1988

James COTTON - Live At Antone's Nightclub - 1988
Recorded in July of 1987 at Antone's Night Club
Produced by Antone's Records & Tapes


I am so glad I bought this CD when I did--when the used prices weren't so ridiculous! This CD is some classic Chicago blues, presented in a way only James "Superharp" Cotton could. Any Cotton album naturally has high expectations, seeing how Cotton played with Muddy Waters for a number of years before pursuing his long and successful solo career, but this album is up there with Cotton's best studio effort, "100% Coton".
Even though James Cotton has had a spectacular solo career, this live album consists most of blues standards. Three of the songs come from Muddy (Blow Wind and Gone to Main Street by Muddy, Hoochie Coochie Man being a Dixon-penned Muddy classic). Also an additional three songs come from Little Walter (Juke, It Ain't Right, and Oh Baby). Those six songs out the way, we are left with two more: Eyesight to the Blind, a Sonny Boy Williamson tune, and Midnight Creeper, the only Cotton original on the album. All are unique in their own way like only James Cotton could do.
By J. Cohen.
James Cotton- Harp, Vocals,
Matt "Guitar" Murphy- Guitar,
Luther Tucker- Guitar,
Calvin Jones- Bass,
Willie Smith- Drums,
Pinetop Perkins- Piano.
01. Blow Wind
02. Juke
03. It ain't right
04. Gone to mane street
05. Oh, Baby
06. Hoochie Coochie Man
07 Eyesight to the blind
08. Midnight Creeper

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