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Vince GUARALDI - Oh Good Grief 1968

Vince GUARALDI - Oh Good Grief 1968


Oh, Good Grief! isn't Vince Guaraldi's classic piano-trio recordings of his "Peanuts" favorites--for those, try the soundtrack to A Boy Named Charlie Brown. But it is a 1968 "re-imagining" of several of those favorites with Guaraldi on both piano and electric harpsichord, and Eddie Duran's electric guitar joining Carl Burnett's drums and Stanley Gilbert's bass. The sound is unfamiliar but the groove is unmistakably Guaraldi's, and it'll grow on you after your ear adjusts. For purists, the "Great Pumpkin Waltz" and "Rain, Rain Go Away" are a return to Guaraldi's trademark acoustic lyricism. It's only 28 minutes, unfortunately.
By David Horiuchi.
In his first album for Warner Bros., Vince Guaraldi serves up another delightful, though pitifully short (27 minutes) helping of his themes for the Peanuts TV specials. By this time, like several other pianists, Guaraldi was actively exploring the new sonic horizons offered by electronic keyboards, and so he superimposes layers of electric harpsichord on most of these tracks. Some of the old sardonic spontaneity goes over the side, replaced by an overloaded gee-whiz atmosphere that sometimes gets in the way of the quartet's willingness to swing. But the tunes are marvelous, and since so little of Guaraldi's vast Peanuts output was ever made available, every millisecond of these jazz waltzes, bossa novas and soulful ruminations on Charlie Brown's world becomes cherishable.
By Richard S. Ginell, All Music Guide.
Eddie Duran- Guitar
Vince Guaraldi- Piano, Electric Harpsichord
Carl Burnette- Drums
Stanley Gilbert- Bass
A1 Linus and Lucy   2:53
A2 You're In Love, Charlie Brown  3:03
A3 Peppermint Patty   2:34
A4 Great Pumpkin Waltz   3:31

B1 It's Your Dog, Charlie Brown  3:04
B2 Oh, Good Grief!   2:33
B3 Red Baron   4:43
B4 Rain, Rain Go Away   4:59

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