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The Rascals - Peaceful World 1971

The Rascals - Peaceful World  1971


Peaceful World is a wonderful blend of soul, jazz, and funk that never found an audience. Perhaps it was because the positive sentiments expressed in the lyrics were unfortunately becoming passé; perhaps it was the diversity of the two-record set itself. Despite its lack of commercial success, this was an artistic triumph for Felix Cavaliere. With a supporting cast including jazz luminaries Joe Farrell, Hubert Laws, Alice Coltrane, and Ron Carter, Cavaliere creates a musical vision of the Peaceful World conjured up by the album's title. The single, "Love Me," which barely cracked the Hot 100, is a piece of funk in a Sly Stone vein. Guitarist Buzz Feiten's "In and Out of Love" is one of those shoulda-been-a-hit-single songs. Many of the tracks, including the side-long (21:25) title track, are mellow jazz excursions. This ambitious album took the Rascals to the place Cavaliere had been headed over the course of the last couple of albums -- but, sadly, the fans didn't follow.
By Jim Newsom, All Music Guide.
A1. Sky Trane 5:47
A2. In And Out Of Love 3:22 
A3. Bit Of Heaven 3:28
A4. Love Me 3:46

B1. Mother Nature Land 3:28
B2. Icy Water 4:28
B3. Happy Song 3:40
B4. Love Letter 5:26

C1. Little Dove 6:39
C2. Visit To Mother Nature Land 5:03
C3. Getting Nearer 8:56

D1. Peaceful World 21:25

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