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Etta JAMES - Live From San Francisco 1981

Etta JAMES - Live From San Francisco 1981
Recorded live at the Boarding House, San Francisco, California in March, 1981


Although this was released in 1994, it was actually recorded in March 1981. Etta and friends financed the recording but were unable to release it. Thankfully, this was pulled out of the vault. Obviously, this recording was a labor of love and it shows.
I have to admit, I was not entirely ready for the growling vocals, and even at times it sounds like Etta is gargling water! But it's apparent she's just having fun and doing it on purpose. When she launches into a devastating cover of Take It To The Limit (my favorite track), you know you're in the hands of a pro.
The backing band is tight and stripped down. One guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and a minimum of horns. The audience obviously LOVES Etta and their enthusiasm drives the performance. Etta delivers a great set of blues, soul and R&B that is guaranteed to satisfy. Signature songs Tell Mama, Sugar On The Floor, and I'd Rather Go Blind are followed by a three song Otis Redding medley. Etta wraps it up with an exquisite song titled Born Blue.
By  T. McCool.
Etta James- (Vocals);
Brian Ray- (Guitar);
Bobby Martin- (Saxophone, Keyboards, French Horn, Background Vocals);
Keith Johnson- (Trumpet, Keyboards);
Kurtis Teel- (Bass);
Armand Grimaldi- (Drums).
01. I Just Want To Make Love To You 3:04
02. Take It To the Limit 5:42
03. Baby What You Want Me To Do 5:02
04. Sugar On The Floor 6:04
05. Tell Mama 4:01
06. I'd Rather Go Blind 4:55
07. Otis Redding Medley 9:30
08. Born Blue 3:56

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