Tuesday, November 24, 2009

John PRIMER - Knocking At Your Door 2000

John PRIMER - Knocking At Your Door 2000


John Primer's debut leaves a bit to be desired for fans of down-home blues. Although Primer sings and plays with extreme conviction, the problem is the backing band on this 12-song set. With the McCray brothers on guitar and drums, Matthew Skoller on harmonica, and Ken Saydak on piano, there's simply way too much busy playing for the group to sound like a well-meshed ensemble. Skoller's harp swamps everything in its path, and McCray's drumming is lumbering in spots. With a more sympathetic backing group, Primer has the makings of a great album in him somewhere.
By Cub Koda.
John Primer- (Vocals, Guitar);
Larry McCray- (Guitar);
Matthew Skoller- (Harmonica);
Ken Saydak- (Piano, Organ);
Al Brown- (Bass);
Steve McCray- (Drums);
Mike Vernon- (Percussion).
01. Knocking at Your Door 3:56
02. Change Your Evil Ways 4:19
03. Lonely Days and Nights 3:05
04. Excited by Your Charms 5:27
05. Hard Working Woman 3:52
06. Brutal Hearted Woman 5:01
07. Everytime You Touch Me 4:20
08. That's Alright 4:45
09. Woman Was Made to Be Loved 4:20
10. I Been Dogged Around 4:35
11. I Want to Know 4:09
12. Kiss of Fire 3:47

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