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The Mojo Blues Band - Rhythm & Blues Party 1996

The Mojo Blues Band - Rhythm & Blues Party 1996
Feat. Red Holloway


In July 1992 Axel Melhardt invited on the occasion of the 20-a yearling anniversary of his renowned live-music venues Jazzland saxophonist RED HOLLOWAY to Vienna. On the initiative of Boogie Ace Axel Zwingenberger was then recorded during a week-long jam session, together with the CD MOJO BLUESBAND Heat It Up (Vagabond VRCD 8.93019). The musical spark had jumped from the first minute, and three years later as a Red (March 95) again performed at Jazzland, it was only logical to take advantage of this opportunity for another live recording too. The result of this multi-day Rhythm & Blues Party is so far the 9th Album of MOJO  BLUESBAND, is featured on the back for our pleasure and Petra Toyfl as a singer in two titles.
All tracks recorded at Jazzland, Vienna on March 7,8 and 9, 1995 - night and day! All tracks recorded at Jazzland, Vienna, and 7.8 on March 9, 1995 - night and day!
Erik Trauner
vocals (1,6-11), 1st vocal (2), guitar (2,3,6), 2nd guitar (4,11), harmonica (5,7), train whistle (7), 1st guitar (8), slide guitar (9,10)
Red Holloway
vocals (4,7,9,10) tenor sax (1-11)
Markus Toyfl
vocals (1,7), guitar (1,2,5-7,9,10), 1st guitar (4,11), 2nd guitar (8)
Henning Pertiet
piano (1-11)
Dani Gugolz
vocals (1,7), upright bass (1-11), 2nd vocal (2)
Peter Müller
drums (1-11)
Petra Toyfl
vocals (3,6)
The band
vocals on track 11
01. Get High As A Georgia Pine (T&M: Erik Trauner) 3:52
02. Money Ain't Reason Enough (T&M: Erik Trauner) 3:25
03. Papa Tree Top Boogie (Sam Price-Albennie Jones-Milt) 4:10
04. Cleanhead Blues (Jessie Mae Robinson-Eddie Vinson) 4:40
05. Shovelin' (Instrumental) (Mojo Blues Band) 3:03
06. Why Don'tcha Stop It (Ella & Buddy Johnson) 2:49
07. Take A Train, Train (T: Red Holloway/ M: Red Holloway & Henning Pertiet) 5:36
08. I Keep On Drinking (Eurreal Montgomery) 4:55
09. Slidin' Back (Instrumental) (Mojo Blues Band & Henning Pertiet) 6:03
10. The Corner Liquor Store (T&M: Erik Trauner/ Red Holloway) 8:46
11. Got My Mojo Working (Preston Foster) 4:30

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