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Horace SILVER - Silver 'N Strings Play The Music Of The Spheres 1978

Horace SILVER - Silver 'N Strings Play The Music Of The Spheres 1978
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Horace Silver's final Blue Note record (after over 25 years on the label) is a double LP that augments his quintet (featuring fluegelhornist Tom Harrell and tenor-saxophonist Larry Schneider) with 14 strings and a harp. In addition, there are four vocalists (including Gregory Hines) singing lyrics that reflect Silver's self-help and spiritual beliefs. He was never as strong a lyricist as he was a composer and pianist so the vocals weigh down the music a bit. The songtitles probably kept a few of these pieces from becoming better-known. Who ever heard of such songs as "Negative Patterns of the Subconscious," "Progress Through Dedication and Discipline" and "We Expect Positive Results"?
By Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
This is a very special album by pianist Horace Silver that he produced, composed and arranged, supported by Dale Oehler and Wade Marcus who took care of conducting the orchestra. Players are Ron Carter on bass, Al Foster on drums, Tom Harrell on flugelhorn and Larry Schneider on tenor and soprano sax, additionally there is a string orchestra. Vocalists are Gregory Hines, Brenda Alford, Chapman Roberts and Carol Lynn Maillard. The album was recorded in 1978 and 1979, it was released in 1980 on Blue Note Records.
Ron Carter- (Bass),
Horace Silver- (Piano)
Al Foster- (Drums)
Larry Schneider- (Soprano Sax), (Tenor Sax)
(The Physical Sphere)
The Soul And Its Expression
1. Part One The Search For Direction
2. Part Two Direction Discovered
3. Part Three We All Have A Part To Play

The Soul And Its Progress Throughout The Spheres
4. Part One Self Portrait No. 1 (Written 1973)
5. Part Two Self Portrait No. 2 (Written 1978)
6. Part Three Portrait Of The Aspiring Self (Written 1978)

(The Mental Sphere - Conscious Mind)
The Soul's Awareness Of Its Character
7. Part One Character Analysis
8. Part Two Negative Patterns Of The Sub-Conscious
9. Part Three The Conscious And Its Desire For Change

(The Mental Sphere - Sub-Conscious Mind)
The Pygmalion Process
10. Part One Inner Feelings
11. Part Two Friends
12. Part Three Empathy
13. Part Four Optimism
14. Part Five Expansion

(The Spiritual Sphere)
The Soul In Communion With The Creator
15. Part One Communion With The Creator
16. Part Two The Creator Guides Us
17. Part Three Progress, Through Dedication And Discipline
18. Part Four We Expect Positive Results

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