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Harmonica Henry & The Blues Rockers - Harp Rumble 1999

Harmonica Henry & The Blues Rockers - Harp Rumble 1999


"One of Sweden´'s finest outfits and veterans of 20 years work turn in a credible homage to Little Walter and the Chicago sound. Still detect an accent, though."  — Blues Access # 42,summer 2001

"Jan "Harmonica Henry" Sjöström may be one of the best Chicago style harmonica player in the world. He gives an accurate sound on both diatonic and chromatic harp, nice vibrato and all the necessary techniques, along with authority in playing and a very good taste. Each and every note is talking. Just listen to his lovely, hair rising interpretation of Little Walters classical tune "Sad Hour", or the fat chromatic octavo playing in "Yeah, Yeah Baby"… Highly recommended to all harmonica freaks and electric blues lovers."
By Richard Gjems.
JAN "Harmonica Henry" SJÖSTRÖM, "Little" HANK JANSSON and STEFAN "Big Tex" SUNDLÖF have during the last two decades acquired a well established position on the Scandinavian bluesscene mainly trough their many years in the CHICAGO EXPRESS, characterised as a band of world class.Mika Savinainen is the bassplayer on this CD. But the story of the BLUES ROCKERS started a bit earlier.
Already in 1975 Sjöström and Jansson formed the group. Sjöström has with his powerful and deep harmonica, joined the high ranks of international harp players. He has been the driving force for the Swedish blues since the seventies. The press has called the band one of Scandinavias foremost bluesbands.
By Ed Ivey.
Jan Sjöström- Vocal & Harmonica
Hans Jansson- Guitar
Lars Näsman- Acoustic Bass
Ola Ragnar- Drums
01. Nobody But You
02. Barefoot Rock
03. Please Don´t Go
04. Baby,You Better
05. Goin´Away Baby
06. This Old Life
07. Yeah,Yeah Baby
08. You Don´t Love Me
09. Sad Hours
10. Hate To See You Go
11. No Lie
12. Evans Shuffle
13. You´re Sweet

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