Monday, January 18, 2010

Chris Thomas KING - 21st Century Blues...From da' Hood 1995

Chris Thomas KING - 21st Century Blues...From da' Hood 1995


I hate RAP and I hate HIP HOP, yet I love this CD. Not only is this an outragous mix of 2 styles that arn't meant to be mixed, whats more it is a brilliant success. Intelligent lyrics with a message and a valid lament from THE HOOD by someone who seems to know. The musik is the usual brilliant BLUES with a very hard edge and the RAP and storytelling actually add to the overall effect. It took a number of listens to get into this hybrid, but it has so much originality and quality that it will get under your skin. Don't be scared by the use of RAP, this CD cooks and sizzles and does not insult your intelligence. An unusual masterpiece by one of the most talented exponents of blues.
By  Hans D. HARMS.
Tony Braunagel- Percussion
Lester Butler- Harmonica
Reggie McBride- Bass
John Porter- Guitar, Producer
Chris Thomas- Guitar, Vocals
Mick Weaver- Organ
01. Intro (Thomas)  0:05
02. 21cb (Thomas)  3:36
03. Hellhounds (Thomas)  0:16
04. Kkkrossroads (Thomas)  3:29
05. Kickin' True Blue (Thomas)  4:08
06. Up from da Underground (Thomas)  3:16
07. Blues from da 'Hood (Thomas)  6:07
08. Da Gambler (Thomas)  5:08
09. Time Bomb (Thomas)  3:34
10. Homesick Blues (Thomas)  6:18
11. Phone Interlude (Thomas)  0:30
12. My Pain, Your Pleasure (Thomas)  4:23
13. Kill Somebody (Thomas)  3:42
14. Anotherdeadhomie (Thomas)  0:33
15. Stop (Thomas)  8:33

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