Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Carey BELL - Last Night 1973

Carey BELL - Last Night 1973
BLS 6079


Nothing flashy or outrageous here, just a meat-and-potatoes
session produced by Al Smith that satisfyingly showcases Bell's
charms. Once again, there are hearty tributes to Little Walter
("Last Night") and Muddy Waters ("She's 19 Years Old"), but
there's some original stuff too, backed by a combo that boasted
a daunting collective experience level: Taylor and Perkins return,
along with bassist David Myers and drummer Willie "Big Eyes" Smith.
By Bill Dahl. AMG.
A1. Last Night 3:38
A2. Taking You Downtown 3:02
A3. Rosa, I Love Your Soul 3:31
A4. I'm Worried 3:28
A5. Cho' Cho' Blues 2:38
A6. Tomorrow Night 2:25
B1. She's 19 Years Old 2:44
B2. Leaving in the Morning 2:25
B3. Love Pretty Women 3:23
B4. Mean Mistreater 4:18
B5. Freda 2:10
B6. I Want to See You Tomorrow Night 2:58

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